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FAQ: I am a returning customer and forgot to use my coupon code while placing the order. Why my coupon code hasn't been applied? Forgot to apply a coupon given for leaving a review on Trustpilot or Yotpo?

Redeeming your promo code is easy: You need to add your code to your order on the CART page, before you submit your order to us. Keep in mind that a code cannot be added to your order once your payment is submitted, so be sure that your code shows up in your order summary before you select the 'Place your order' button.

If you forgot to apply your coupon code and you have been charged already, we will drop some extra pills to your NEXT order. Use coupon code SHARE30

You also must meet all the criteria of the coupon offer in order to redeem the coupon (e.g., minimum purchase amount of $100, coupon reuse limitations, and expiration date).

πŸ‘‰ ONLY ONE COUPON MAY BE USED PER PURCHASE. If you have more than one code, you might be able to use your other code sometime in the future if you want to make an additional order with us. But each order only allows for ONE code.

πŸ‘‰ COUPONS ARE NOT VALID WITH PAYPAL PAYMENTS. We pay enormous fees to a third-party merchant service because PayPal doesn’t allow online pharmacies to accept payments directly. For this reason, coupons are not valid with our PayPal payment method and an additional fee per transaction has to be charged.

πŸ‘‰ COUPONS ARE NOT VALID WITH BITCOIN PAYMENTS. Please note that coupon codes can't be combined with our special bitcoin discount. But don’t worry, our bitcoin discount is our best offer ever, you won’t be able to get a higher discount.

πŸ‘‰ WE NO LONGER OFFER MONEY DISCOUNTS. Instead, we add 10, 20, and 30 extra free pills to your order in addition to the set of free samples depending on the coupon code applied.

  • $25 off coupon (returning customers discount) now offers 10 extra pills worth $29;
  • $30 off coupon for leaving a review on Yotpo now offers 20 extra pills worth $49;
  • $35 off coupon for leaving a review on Yotpo and sharing it on Trustpilot now offers 30 extra pills worth $69 (coupon code SHARE30).

πŸ‘‰ NO PARTIAL REFUNDS. Unfortunately, we are not able to provide a partial refund because we use a specific method of accepting credit card and PayPal payments.

πŸ‘‰ If you forgot to apply your returning customer coupon code and you have been charged already, we will add some extra pills to your next order.

If you'd like to redeem a promo code on your order, all you need to do is add the code into the provided text box within the checkout process on the CART page. Please note that all coupon codes must be added before completing the checkout process, and we're unable to provide codes of any kind on PayPal payments, or in cases where a Bitcoin discount is being claimed.

Please note that the minimum spend amount for the returning customer discount is $100.


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