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The payment released by your bank?

Once you called your bank and it approved the foreign transactions for your account, please, try to place a new order. Do not worry ā€“ you will not be double charged because we will cancel your previous queued orders placed under the same name to avoid a duplicate charge.

If you placed a new order with us and never received an order confirmation email, it means your transaction was queued for manual phone verification (not processed yet) as we need to call you. Phone verification is not a sales call. You will get a friendly verification call from our payment processor agent to confirm the recent transaction you made. If a transaction can not be verified over the phone within 5 business days, we will cancel your order. If the problem remains, feel free to contact our support >

What is phone verification?

If you appear to have been charged and you did not receive an order confirmation email, it could be that your payment is pre-authorized but no money is taken until we phone verify your transaction. It means that your bank may hold the required funds for your order before the payment is confirmed or declined (typically 5 business days).

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