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We believe that cheap generic drugs from India should be available to everyone worldwide. And we certainly don’t want Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, and the rest of the gang telling you what is and is not an acceptable purchase.

As a global digital currency, you can send bitcoin to anyone, anywhere in the world without worrying about cross border remittance fees. Buying, selling, and exchanging bitcoin is legal in the US, the UK, Australia, the European Union, and most other developed countries.

The easiest and fastest way to buy bitcoin is to purchase it through Coinbase - the most reputable US-based online exchange. Coinbase makes it super easy to buy, sell, send, receive, and store bitcoin if you live in the US, the UK, Europe, or Australia.

Placing an Order With Bitcoins Step-By-Step

In this 4-minute video tutorial, we’re going to go over the Coinbase account creation steps. We show you how to set up and verify your Coinbase account and how to purchase your first bitcoin cents. Then we show you how to place your order with us and how to complete your payment with bitcoins step by step.


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